/ I began the second part of my summer project today which is called “Alchemy” which is a material based project /

/ The aim of the project is to take something from the everyday,that had a previous life and turn it into something new & precious /

/ My objects are eggs and I am using a technique from China called “Tea Eggs” /

/ The egg is boiled,then cracked then boiled again in spices and dyes like tea,coffee,cinnamon,food dye etc. After 20 mins you carefully peel off the shell and the egg is stained with beautiful and unique patterns/ 

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Sophie Standing

"Sophie Standing was born in England and grew up in Hampshire. She studied wood, metal, ceramics and textiles at Liverpool Hope University. Since graduating, Sophie has worked as an artist in many different mediums, including works in ceramics, stained glass windows, weaving, dress making and more recently experimenting with textile art. She was fortunate for many years to be part of the team that designed, installed and displayed the award winning windows at Fortnum and Mason, Piccadilly, London. She is also an accomplished wedding florist and fine artist, life drawing being a speciality."

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Kim Carter

Embroidered image transfer on teabags.

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Ex quilt squares, 2005. Found these when I was packing at my parents’ house. Before I went away to college, I asked my high school friends to make quilt squares for me with the idea that I’d make a “emotional security blanket” against homesickness.

The one on the left was made by my middle school best friend, the girl I went to all the bases with over the course of adolescence including “fuck everyone at this party” prom sex, who I cut out of my life after she left me crying in the middle of a cafe three years ago. The one on the right was made by my high school boy friend, who never wanted to or tried to have sex with me (which is fine, but I had/have total Hanna Marin S1 feelings about it), and spent both proms I went to with him talking to the teachers. The last time I talked to him, he was on a lot of pills and a struggling writer in New York.

A manic pixie girl past! Teenage girls with unhealthy relationships! Boyfriends who are unimaginative! Private school drama! Fabric art! These quilt squares have everything and now they are in the garbage at work.

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